Micro-brewery for final adjustments (50 liters)

Micro-brewery for final adjustments (50 liters) - купить у производителя
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  • Warranty — 3 years
  • Execution period — 2 months

Boiling unit: total cold malt per one brewage – 50 liters; 1-3 brewages per day; monthly output about 200 liters.

Boiling unit:

  • Mashing and wort boiling machine,
  • Filtration machine,
  • Whirlpool;
  • Heat exchanger, a pump;
  • Frame (a base) and control box.

Fermentation unit: two CCVs (universal cylinder-conic tanks for fermentation and postfermentation) with 0.1 m3 capacity.

  • Material – steel AISI 304.
  • CCV cooling system – flow-through or external cooler.
  • Heating – electric or with external steaming.
  • Mashing with technological pauses in automatic mode.

A NOMAS Micro-brewery is an ideal combination of advanced engineering solutions and traditional approach; it’s ergonomic, easy to maintain and helps implement boldest technological ideas.

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