Assembly and Launch

Assembly and Launch - купить у производителя

NOMAS offers assembly and supervised assembly of equipment by a qualified team that has already equipped over 200 ready-made breweries  and possesses the knowledge of brewery process, including the production of beer, kvass (fermented bread and yeast drink), mead, spicy honey drink, ciders, etc.


Equipment installation takes about 10-20 days. Commissioning, launch and production of beverages (beer, kvass, mead, ciders. etc.)  takes up to 30 days.

We provide free technical support through the entire operating period.  


  1. Installation. We send our team to the site, where they do everything for the brewery to start working.
  2. Supervised installation. Our specialist supervises the works, performed by the client’s team.  
  3. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance. We undertake all warranty obligations. All defects due to our fault shall be eliminated under the warranty. We also offer repairs post-warranty.


  • Brewery engineering,
  • Equipment production,
  • Planning,
  • Advice on the facility,
  • Installation of production line,
  • Launch and tuning,
  • Personnel training,
  • Tuning of brewing and fermenting process,
  • Provision of recipes and brewing technology,
  • Trial brewings,
  • Obtaining the end product,
  • Admitting the beverage to Health Inspection Services,
  • Development of original elite brands upon request,
  • Advice on raw material suppliers,
  • Technical and technological support after the launch.

Equipment warranty is 24 months from the commissioning.  

All NOMAS products comply with GOST All-Union State Standard 26582-85 and have required technical documents, confirming the quality and establishing warranty obligations for the manufacturer, as well as Customs Union Declaration of Conformity.  

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