Ready-made Breweries and Mini-breweries

with 500 -  50,000 liters per day productivity.

Ready-made Restaurant Mini-breweries

Breweries with 100 – 3,000 liters productivity for restaurants.

Brewing Equipment

Equipment for brewing, storing, transporting and selling the beer, made out of quality AISI 304 (DIN1.4301) steel 2B - EN.

With 100 – 50,000 liters per day productivity for traditional and original recipes.

Full set of equipment for delicious “live” mead with 100 – 50,000 liters per day productivity.

Productivity from 500 to 50,000 liters per day for lemonade, fruit drinks, ciders, spicy honey drinks, berry starchy drinks, etc.

Qualified professionals will assemble the equipment into a production line.

We provide shipping from the production site to the operation site.

Personnel training and trial brewings

Remodeling and modernization of old productions.

Trade-in available for equipment