For NOMAS Customers

Dear clients! We strive to produce quality and reliable brewing equipment that will bring you profit. We guaranty that the NOMAS equipment for brewing beer, kvass, mead, etc. is durable and easy to maintain.


Generally, our equipment is customized. In order to find out the price, please discuss all details with our team.

For expert advice please contact us:

  • Tel: +7 (351) 211-0-777,
  • E-mail:,
  • Address: Makeeva Prospekt, No.56, Miass, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia.

Business hours: 08:00 - 17:00 (mon - fri)


We generally ship inside Russia and CIS, but we can organize international shipping if needed.

Our team will ship the equipment to the operation site via:

  • Transport company shipping
  • Railway shipping
  • Water transportation

The shipping fee depends on the address and the total output.

Self pick-up is also available.

Please note! The equipment is shipped from the warehouse within one business day as soon as 100% payment has been received.


  • Cash
  • Bank transfer (Transfer to the NOMAS account). 
  • Lease (Contact NOMAS team for information on our leasing cooperations).
  • Payment in installments

Whichever payment method you prefer, we provide all the necessary paperwork.

Please note: the equipment production only starts after an advance payment has been received. Generally it is 50%; smaller installments are also possible.

The payment scheme is always individual and may be changed according to the circumstances and customer preferences.  

Installation and Supervision

We offer to install and supervise installation by our professional team that has already equipped over 200 breweries. Besides, free of charge, we offer production techniques for beer, kvass, mead, spicy honey drinks and ciders on our equipment, as well as development of original elite brands of beer, kvass, mead, etc, upon your request.


The installment takes 10-20 days on average. The commissioning and start of production (beer, kvass, mead, cider, etc.) from the raw material takes about 30 days. We provide free technical support through the entire operating time of the equipment.  


Upon signing the agreement, our specialists shall develop recommendations for placing the equipment according to your location. Upon installment, we shall perform FREE trial brewings and FREE process tuning based on the specific conditions (water, raw material, the brand of the product) along with FREE training for your personnel.

If needed we can send our team to your location for more detailed tuning of the process before and after the launch.   

We shall do everything for your best NOMAS experience!


NOMAS offers containers made of decorative stainless steel with different degrees of surface treatment. It can be mirrored, polished, textured, and treated by special methods (oxidation, etching, sputtering titanium nitride) stainless steel. Decorative stainless steel sheet has a huge amount of texture - which means that you can order a container made individually for you.

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