Brewery for 500 liters

Brewery for 500 liters - купить у производителя

A NOMAS brewery with a brewing line for 500 liters is the most popular set with the fastest payoff,   designed for 500 - 3000 liters of 3-4 brands of “live” beer simultaneously.


  • Small size – fits in 125 m2
  • Easy maintenance – 1 person is enough to maintain,
  • Quick modernization and easy output increase – due to the sole enhancement of fermenting unit,
  • Quick payoff – return in 1 year.

A NOMAS 500-liters brewery: best choice for a brewery start-up!

Technical specifications

Brewery daily output: 500–3000 liters per day
End product daily output: 500 liters
Bare cost of 1 liter of beer: 33.54 RUB ($0.6)
Average malt for one batch, kg, for one light beer brand (Zhigulevskoye Brand, GOST): 100 kg
Production area: 180 m2
Production area ceiling height, at least: 3.5 m
Power supply: gas/electricity
Power consumption (with current collectors). Heating with gas/electricity, kW 12,0/45,0

Gas steam generator/electric steam generator;
– gas rate, m3/h/power consumption, kW/h

8,5 m3/h
35 kW/h

Cold water rate: 1000 liters
Number of employees: 1 person
Possibility to increase daily output: Up to 3000 liters per day
  • The set includes: malt crusher; boiling, fermenting, cooling units; piping and electric equipment, heat exchanger, steam generator.  .
  • Assembly and supervised assembly, commissioning, free trial brewings.  
  • Technical specifications for all equipment
  • Personnel training.
  • Recipes for any brand.
  • Development of new brands.

Warranty — 2 years

Execution period — 2 months (depending on the workload)


Malt crusher
  • At least
    300 kg/h productivity
Brewing line
  • Masher
  • Wort boiler
  • Filtration machine
  • Whirlpool
  • Water heater
  • Operating platform
Бродильное отделение
  • Version 1: traditional separate fermentation and post-fermentation: 1 fermentation machines and 1 post-fermentation machines, yeast cooler 
  • Version 2: fermentation and post-fermentation in universal CCVs.
Cooling unit
  • Ice generator
  • Cooling machine
  • Automated temperature maintenance for brewing, fermenting and maturation or full automation.
  • Pipes, connecting and isolation valves, pumps, spare parts and accessories.
Additional equipment
  • CIP unit (cleaning and sanitation)
  • Filtration unit
  • Filling unit

Structural features

Automated brewing and fermenting process with the possibility of computer-assisted management of the brewing process.
The wort boiling system with external steam supply or built-in steam generator, which lowers power consumption significantly (the steam is supplied to the heating jacket).
Switching from automatic to manual wort boiling and back.
Wort boiling without excess pressure, which allows balanced taste of the beer.
All capacities are equipped with reliable heat insulation and cooling and heating jackets.
The fermentor and postfermentor cooling system features propylene glycol.
Capacities can be installed in any facility; breweries are easily portable.
All capacities are fit with CIP for in-place cleaning and sanitation to avoid human error.
All equipment is made from food-grade stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) with 2В - EN surface purity.
The pipeline is made out of polished stainless steel.
Any energy carrier can be utilized (gas, electricity, diesel, coal, wood, etc.).
Only one brewer is enough to control the brewing process with NOMAS equipment.
Wort boiler and filtrating machine are equipped with slide speed control mixers.
All fermentation machines are equipped with separate multi-level automated control system, as well as set temperature maintenance system.

Over 1000 recipes and brands

Our equipment allows brewing all kinds of beer with any technology: both classic German and Czech, using malt, as well as adjuncts (corn, rice, barley, sorghum, wheat, sugar dye, etc.).
Irish Ale
Munich Dunkel
Light pale ale —
English style
Light wheat
Dark wheat
pale ale
Dark lager
Bock (strong brands)

Our advantage

We have been producing capacitive equipment since 1993 with over 200 plants all over Russia and CIS, equipped by our team.
NOMAS has all the required compliance certificates for the equipment, as well as sanitary and epidemiological inspection reports, pursuant to the regulations of Russia, CIS and the Customs Union.
Quality imported stainless steel, best components, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced technology are to ensure highest quality at all production and operation stages.
The leading company specialists have studied in Germany and the Czech Republic with over 25 years of experience in the brewing industry, constantly improving their skills.
We design a plant and fit it with suitable equipment according to the size and the layout, based on your needs and capacity.
We develop projects for maximum profit and fastest payoff period for our customers.
We provide technical support from designs to assembly operations and all the way to the first beverage batch, with trial brewing and personnel training.
We provide personnel training in terms of classic German and Czech brewing techniques; develop original elite beer and kvass (fermented bread and yeast drink) brands, as well as unique recipes for low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Work procedure

Request for Quotation
Send us RFQ any way you like.
Preparation and Approval
Our team will come up with various options and fix you up with the most suitable equipment set.
Equipment Production
We use quality stainless steel for your equipment, using advanced machines and innovative technology.
Assembly and Launch
We offer our services for assembly or chief-assembly (your team performs the assembly under our supervision), as well as perform pre-commissioning activities.
Personnel Training
We provide recipes and brewing techniques, offer trial brewings and develop original elite beer brands upon request.
Service and Warranty
We provide servicing and warranty and post-warranty maintenance, as well as consulting and technical support after the launch.