A trailer tank for a passenger car

A trailer tank for a passenger car - купить у производителя
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  • Warranty — 3 years
  • Execution period — 2 months

A NOMAS trailer tank could be used as universal transport tank for water or kvass. Order a NOMAS trailer tank and sell fresh products every day!

  • High-quality imported stainless steel.
  • Up to 250 liters capacity.
  • The tank has a hatch for cleaning.
  • You can use the tank for multiple products after washing.
  • The structure may have a cooling feature, a stationary power supply feature and a mixer.
  • A support roller allows manhandling the tank while parked.
  • The tank can be emptied the following ways:
    • Tanks for water and milk are emptied via impeller pumps;
    • Kvass and beer are released with the help of excess pressure or CO2, with a manual pump or “gravity flow”.

When using the tank as a barrel, the trailer is fit with the necessary equipment for selling.

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