Portable tank 100, 250, 300, 400 and 500 liters

Portable tank 100, 250, 300, 400 and 500 liters - купить у производителя
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  • Warranty — 3 years
  • Execution period — 2 months

Postfermentation portable tank was created so that the transportation could be performed without a transfer to another tank. This extends the storage period up to 90 days if the correct temperature is maintained.

The machine is easy to maintain and calls for minimum learning and preparation.  

The important feature is the long-distance transportation while maintaining the high quality of the product as long as the cooling is in place. The materials are resistant to alkali and acids, permitted in food industry.

The product


Machine dimensions


1208 mm


726 mm


1443 mm

Height to the filler neck

1311 mm

Mass features


178±2 kg

Weight with filled cooling jacket

 200±2 kg

Filled machine weight

700±2 kg

Product volume

500 liters

Fullness coefficient


Cooling jacket volume

22 liters

Structural features

The vessel is tested with the trial interior pressure

0.2 MPa (2 kgf/cm2)

Cooling jacket is leak-tested with pressure test

0.1 MPa (1 kgf/cm2)

Operating pressure in a vessel

 0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf/cm2)

Pressure in a cooling jacket


Safety valve in a hydro seal set for excess pressure in an interior vessel

0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf/cm2)

Temperature features

Product temperature during postfermentation and sale

 0...+4 oC

Temperature increase with no cooling

up to 0.15 oC/h



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