Mashing and wort boiling machine

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Mashing and wort boiling machine ensures boiling the right way. NOMAS equipment is the best when it comes to brewing!

During the mashing the malt healthy elements are dissolved and amylolysis takes place. The principle is based on the fermentation of various healthy malt elements in different temperatures.  The water and malt mixture is heated according to a specific technique.  

Mashed malt is supplied to the boiler via a feeder, where it is mixed with water. The mixture is then being slowly heated (1 degree per minute) and constantly mixed, which is the malt mashing. The heating is through a steam generator.  

The malt is boiled together with hops. The boiling time is 2 hours max.


Full capacity 

3.6 (3.8) m3

Net capacity 

2.8 m3

Fullness coefficient

0.77 (0.73)

Test pressure in steam jackets

Up to 0.15 MPa (1.5 kgf/cm2)

Operating pressure in steam jackets

0.7 – 0.07 MPa


Inside diameter of a vessel shell

1692 mm

Shell height

1030(1130) mm

Interior thickness

398 mm

Plate thickness for shells and heads

3 mm

Annular steam jacket capacity

21 liters

Heat exchange surface area of annular steam jacket

1.47 m2

Test pressure in a jacket

0.25 MPa (2.5 kgf/cm2)

Annular steam jacket dimensions


Outer diameter of a jacket

1728 mm

Jacket height

280 mm

Plate thickness of a jacket

2 mm

Heat exchange surface area of a bottom head jacket

2.68 m2

Bottom head jacket dimensions

Gap between the heads along the vessel axis

20 mm

Jacket bottom head plate thickness

3 mm

Vessel and jackets material 

 Stainless steel - countertype 12Х18Н10Т


Insulation layer thickness

50 mm


Backer rod

Coating dimensions

Outer diameter

1866 mm


1575(1675) mm

Plate thickness

1 mm


Stainless steel, mirror - countertype 08Х18Н10

Machine dimensions (without the mixer drive unit)


2455 mm


1866 mm

Electric steam generator


Up to 200 kg/h

Steam pressure

Up to 0.07 MPa

Power consumption (380V, 50 Hz) 

Up to 150 kW


923 mm


575 mm


510 mm

Mixer drive

Rotation rate of the motor drive

1410 min-1

Transmission ratio of the gearbox

31 (26)

Mixer shaft speed

45 (54) min-1

Torque rate on the shaft

80 Nm

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