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  • Warranty — 3 years
  • Execution period — 2 months

NOMAS filtration machines prepare the malt to brew the perfect beverage! We produce filtration machines 200 - 5000 liters volume.

The machine is meant for mash filtration. The filtration begins as soon as the water-malt mixture is 78 degrees, when the grains are separated from the malt, which contains healthy elements from the wort.

Before the mash is supplied, hot water fills the space under the sieve. Sieves are located at the bottom of the filtration machine, where the mash is supplied, and the grains, being the heaviest, forms a thick layer on the sieve, meanwhile the wort is being clarified. 30 minutes later the filtration begins, the wort goes through the thick layer of expanded grains, leaving the suspended grains behind.

To prevent the clogging of the filter, the flow speed is minimized; the speed and the filtration are operated via the filtration controller.

Full capacity 

3 m3

Net capacity

2 m3

Fullness coefficient


Vessel dimensions

Inside diameter of a vessel shell

1692 mm

Shell height

1165 mm

Interior thickness

398 mm

Plate thickness for shells and heads

3 mm

Sieve bottom

Under sieve space

Up to 150 l

Sieve bottom area

At least 2.2 m2

Filtrating layer thickness

250 - 400 mm

Sieve free area ration

At least 12%

Sieve gaps

Up to 1 mm


Stainless steel - countertype 12Х18Н10Т


Insulation layer thickness

50 mm


Backer rod

Coating dimensions

Outer diameter

1852 mm


1370 mm

Plate thickness

1 mm


Stainless steel, mirror - countertype 08Х18Н10

Machine dimensions (without the mixer drive unit)


2455 mm


1852 mm


580 kg

Filtration controller

Filtration speed for the 1st wort

Up to 20 liters per minute


40 liters


22 kg

Filtration controller dimensions


300 mm


400 mm


600 mm

Threshing machine

Drive rotation speed

1410 rpm

Gearbox ration


Threshing machine shaft speed 

4 rpm

Stirrer shaft torque

80 Nm

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