Cylinder-conic tanks for fermentation and postfermentation

Cylinder-conic tanks for fermentation and postfermentation - купить у производителя
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  • Warranty — 3 years
  • Execution period — 2 months

Cylinder-conic tanks are meant for fermentation and maturing of the beer. A vertical capacity, placed on supports adjustments screws. Sidewalls and the bottom are insulated and covered with an outer casing. The bottom is a 70 ° cone. The cone and the sidewalls are equipped with cooling jackets.  The access hole is either on the side or at the top.  The machine is placed on the supports with adjustment screws.

The machine is equipped with: CIP-piping with a spray head, hydro seal, vacuum and safety valves, sample collection tap, carbon dioxide delivery cock, level indicator, temperature indicator, temperature control devices.

Capacity: anything from 100 liters to 30,000 liters, depending on the task.

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